Pastel Paintings by Beatrice (Portraits of movie stars, imaginary people and places, animals, and kids that I love)

Pastel Paintings by Beatrice Rodgers.

I also frame paintings in a unique way for a fee.

IMG_kingdom of heaven girl

Pastel painting on water color paper of a screen shot I liked of the woman character from the movie Kingdom of Heaven which I thought was quite pretty. Had to do this subject a few times because the first time my sister destroyed the pastel painting in her RV by un-expanding her space in the RV so it got scrunched. But it was a good experience to redo because it improved by the experience and the painting as well.


Pastel painting on watercolor paper of my oldest daughter at about 15 or 16 years of age lying on a bed. (She just told me she was 12 years old.) She looked so dreamy I thought I would make her lying on a bed of water instead! I matted and framed it also with beads and ribbon, etc. I think she looked like a movie star.


Pastel painting on manilla paper of my youngest daughter 3 years old at dress rehearsal of her first ballet at City Ballet in Dallas. I framed it as well with ribbons, cords, and stones. She looked so vulnerable and trying very hard to please. It was such a cute picture so I had to paint it. The photo is a bit blurry so will try to replace with a better photo eventually.

bernie-curly-hair 2

Pastel painting on watercolor paper of my oldest daughter as a tot. She had naturally curly hair, a dimpled chin and beautiful blue eyes that caught the attention of anyone around. She was really cute. Still is really beautiful, older and wiser, but now she straightens her hair. LOL.


Pastel painting on water color paper of an imaginary girl in the woods. KInd of a fairy tale type character and reminds me of the girl in a book I had as a child sleeping on a flying dog that was taking her somewhere.

bridget-in-cap 2

Pastel painting of my youngest daughter on her birthday (the same one in the ballet picture a little more grown up.) I framed it also with ribbon and cords. She was a very happy kid at the time.


Pastel painting of an imaginary place I would like to hang out. I framed it in bead cord and gems with frilly ribbons and cords, etc.


Pastel painting on water color paper of a photo I found on the web of a beautiful white horse. I love horses and love to paint them almost as much as kids. They are the most beautiful animal. I matted it and framed it with marbles and ribbon. The light shines in those marbles in a real pretty way unlike gems.


Pastel painting of a wolf painting I found in a book somewhere that I thought was interesting I think. Anyway I liked the pose and framed it with ribbons, stones, and marbles.


Pastel painting of a race horse picture I found on the web. It was running but I liked the face of the horse and felt I captured the horses spirit in the eyes trying to please. I matted it with more pastel painting, ink, ribbons with cords.

bridget-sitting-in-the-grass 2

Pastel painting on watercolor paper of my youngest daughter sitting on the floor in the gym/auditorium at a school function looking very interested. I changed the background to make it look like she was sitting in the grass to make the picture more pleasing. I framed it with ribbons, cords, and gems.

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 2.01.25 PM

One of my first pastel paintings (oil pastels) of my oldest child from a photo of her on a summer day. I matted it with pastel design cord and ribbons. Kind of went with the tie die effect and disney land kind of feeling.


Denise Brown of City Ballet a ballet school .This Pastel portrait is not finished and it has been a long time but moved since and a lot has happened so haven’t gotten back into portraits because of unfinished business. Got a message from my mom (the last visit before mother’s day visit by my sisters and niece) and those she knows (somewhere or other) to get back into painting portraits and I assume in porcelain as well as pastels since porcelain is the media my mom taught me. This portrait was inspired by a black and white photo of Denise provided by her daughter for me as a favor. I tried to make a background with her expression in her eyes one side kind of whimsical side of her brain and the other side her inspiration developing beautiful ballet dancers of young ladies. Kind of like the back drops that they had at their yearly recitals at  McFarland Auditorium in Dallas, Texas. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they would never end! LOL I used to help adorn the costumes at her home and at her daughters’ home to help with the cost of my children going to her school. It was a lot of hard work but they made it fun. Denise taught dance and started City Ballet after World War ll in the USA and before that was in the French Underground during the war when she was able to help. She didn’t kick the can down the road and was given opportunity because of that insight. Lost her dad who was taken away from her by the nazis and whoever funded them. She saw the forest for the trees. Had distinction. As you can see she was very graceful and quite a lady! I’m sure Doody is very proud of her as I am of my own mother who is also quite a wonderful woman to me and always will be. I have a hard time finishing paintings because I tend to fall in love with them and see things I didn’t see before. I like to take my time with them and redo them if I have to. I hope to get back to this and improve it. The Blue flower in her hand I put there  because of the story of Beauty and the Beast and her type of virtue. (It needs some work.) I think she was a dreamer. How soon people forget is the biggest problem in America. The FAITHERS (especially on Fox News) say Pray for Peace and does it work? No, it really doesn’t come that way. You have to fight for it and fight to keep it and not defer or kick the can down the road, etc. which is what America has succumbed to because of their FAITH. A bunch of stupid cowards. IF they read their bibles and actually discerned and listened to a certain pope they would know that FAITH was a STRATAGEM for APATHY and SURRENDER to FASCISM.


This is Romeo a miracle cat. Was missing for 7 weeks and found him after a tip from a young girl at the children’s school under a grove of trees in the middle of the bus lane in the drainage. He was skinny and had liver damage but healed. A real sweet kitty. Thinks he is a child. He used to sleep with my girls and expect a kiss goodnight just like them. He is in a Christmas tree exploring as a kitten. I need to work on my photography for my pastels.

If you are interested in a pastel portrait of your child, pet, race horse or anything you desire in that realm or if interested in original framing of a photo, portrait or artwork please e-mail me (Beatrice Rodgers) at and we will discuss the subject and the price.   Thank you.

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